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Debunking 5 Popular Myths About Frameless Shower Doors

No modern bathroom is complete without a frameless shower door, but there are some prevalent misconceptions keeping buyers from upgrading those finicky shower curtains. At IDEAL Shower Doors, we are here to make your next shower door installation an all-around great experience. Part of that process is dispelling any doubts you may have about modern shower doors.

In this article, we will debunk five common myths about frameless glass shower doors. By separating fact from fiction, we hope to help you make informed decisions and bring your dream bathroom to life! 

Myth #1: They’re Hard to Keep Clean

We often hear how frameless shower doors are difficult to keep clean. The truth is, with regular maintenance, they can be just as easy to clean as any other type of shower door. Using a squeegee after each shower to remove water droplets and prevent water spots will keep your glass doors sparkling. A weekly maintenance session is also simpler than you may think. No metal frames to collect grime and soap scum makes frameless shower glass doors easy to maintain over a longer period of time. A proper installation also ensures there will be fewer crevices where dirt can accumulate. Consider adding the IDEAL Shine Surface Protection to your glass to help keep it clean!

Myth #2: They’re Too Fragile 

There are homeowners who believe frameless shower doors are too fragile and prone to breaking. This is simply not true! Frameless glass shower doors are made from tempered glass, which is significantly stronger and more durable than regular glass. Unlike other types of glass, it is designed to withstand impact and resist shattering, ensuring structural integrity.

With an installation by a shower door expert, frameless doors are incredibly sturdy and safe, reducing the risk of injury. They are designed to endure daily use and maintain a clean, sleek look over time, making them an ideal choice for any bathroom aesthetic and style.

Myth #3: They Leak Water

Speaking of myths, you’ve probably heard that frameless shower doors are prone to leaking water. That is not the case. In reality, frameless glass shower enclosures are designed to prevent leaks when installed correctly. You can rest assured that a professional installation, using high-quality seals, will keep any water inside the shower. 

There are other important factors to keep in mind. For instance, the shower head plays a crucial role in preventing water leaks. By aiming the shower head away from the door and using a proper slope for drainage, you can enjoy a leak-free shower experience. 

Myth #4: There’s No Privacy 

We’ve heard this one too, and while clear glass is popular for its open, modern look, there are plenty of options to maximize privacy. Frosted glass shower doors, providing a stylish way to obscure visibility without sacrificing light, are the perfect example. Custom shower glass can also be etched or textured to enhance privacy while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

Whether you choose frosted, custom glass shower doors, or any other privacy-enhancing option, frameless showers can be both private and visually appealing. Again, myth busted! 

Myth #5: They’re Too Expensive 

Many homeowners assume a frameless, stunning glass shower door will be too expensive. While a higher price tag may sometimes be true, the investment in a frameless door is justified by its durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance. Not only will these luxurious shower enclosures last for years, they can also enhance the overall value of your home!

At IDEAL Shower Doors, our competitive prices, and a wide range of bathroom styles and shower enclosure have made us the leading glass shower doors installation company in the state.

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