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What is IDEAL Shine?

Discover IDEAL Shine, our patented and revolutionary surface protection solution uniquely available at IDEAL Shower Doors. This innovative product stands out with its four-step application process, meticulously carried out in-house by our specially trained technicians. IDEAL Shine creates an invisible, durable barrier on glass, offering exceptional protection against water stains and build-up. It’s perfect for enhancing the clarity and longevity of your beautiful shower door, while making cleaning significantly easier.

When you choose IDEAL Shine, you’re not just getting a product, but a complete luxury service experience, ensuring your glass remains pristine and sparkling with minimal effort. Experience the unparalleled quality and convenience of IDEAL Shine, the perfect blend of advanced technology and expert care, exclusively at IDEAL Shower Doors.

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The Ideal Shine coating creates a smooth and sleek surface that resists the buildup of soap scum, mineral deposits, and other residues, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Its durable and long-lasting nature ensures that your shower glass maintains its pristine appearance over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. Furthermore, the Ideal Shine surface protection system enhances the overall longevity of your shower doors, keeping them looking like new for years to come and preserving their original beauty. With our lifetime warranty registration, you can enjoy the benefits of the Ideal Shine coating with confidence, knowing that your shower doors are protected and will continue to shine with minimal effort.
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Albert Sweeney

What a great family business and local company. They were eager to meet our needs in a timely manner at a more than fair price. Highly recommend Mike, Matt, and Kim and their crew.

Samantha Connolly

The finished product is beautiful! Their price was very fair for the quality and when we needed a small adjustment made to our shower door they came out to take care of it immediately. Would definitely recommend!

David Chiaradonna

The installers were very neat, clean and professional. The doors are beautiful and easy to clean. The customer service was terrific. The whole process was a breeze! We would highly recommend this company to others.

Thao Luong

We have 3 bathroom shower doors project with Ideal Shower doors they did a fantastic job. Those installation guys are very nice and careful put doors together, seamless and spotless. Very happy to work with the company.

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