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IDEAL Shower Doors is very proud to be able to offer our customers ShowerGuard by Guardian, the absolute best shower surface protection available on the market today.

Guardian remains a global leader in glass manufacturing. Their research and development department has perfected a product called ShowerGuard by Guardian, which is newest and most efficient way to keep your shower enclosure looking beautiful.

ShowerGuard is a permanent protective coating that is applied to the glass during the manufacturing process, and makes absolutely no difference in the clarity of the finished product. The coating is designed to offer a permanent layer of protection against staining and corrosion.

Unlike other products that are applied after fabrication such as Enduro-Shield, Rain-X or Clear Shield, that constantly break down and need to be re-applied, ShowerGuard is permanently embedded into the glass.

Click here to be directed to Guardian’s website for more information.


ShowerGuard surface protection works as a barrier to help keep minerals and soap scum from sticking directly to the glass surface. A soft cloth, wet sponge and most any of of the most common household cleaners are the best solutions to help maintaining crystal clear shower glass.

In order to reduce the amount of cleaning to be done, we also recommend that you squeegee the glass after each shower. It only takes a few seconds and it makes a night and day difference in the overall maintenance of the shower.

Click here to download Guardian’s official care & cleaning brochure


You want to take caution to avoid any abrasive cleaners such as ajax, comet and cerium oxide as they can leave hairline scratches across the glass which over time will compound.

Avoid using harsh chemicals particularly hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid.  They are corrosive to the coating, most glass surfaces, and may also break down the silicone sealant.

Do not use abrasive brushes, razor blades or other sharp objects on the surface of the glass as this will likely lead to scratching.

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Albert Sweeney

What a great family business and local company. They were eager to meet our needs in a timely manner at a more than fair price. Highly recommend Mike, Matt, and Kim and their crew.

Samantha Connolly

The finished product is beautiful! Their price was very fair for the quality and when we needed a small adjustment made to our shower door they came out to take care of it immediately. Would definitely recommend!

David Chiaradonna

The installers were very neat, clean and professional. The doors are beautiful and easy to clean. The customer service was terrific. The whole process was a breeze! We would highly recommend this company to others.

Thao Luong

We have 3 bathroom shower doors project with Ideal Shower doors they did a fantastic job. Those installation guys are very nice and careful put doors together, seamless and spotless. Very happy to work with the company.

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