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Signs Your Frameless Shower Door Needs To Be Repaired

On average, American homeowners spend approximately $420 billion on improvement projects annually. The type of home improvement projects you need to take on will depend on your tastes and budget. If you are looking for a special way to add appeal to your bathroom, investing in a frameless shower door is a fantastic option. 

As the years go by, your frameless shower door will start to show signs of wear. Noticing repair issues early on and handling them will reduce the damage your door experiences. Hiring professionals to repair your frameless shower door is usually the best way to avoid mistakes. Below are signs you may notice when your frameless shower door needs to be repaired. 

Leaks are Never a Good Thing

The main thing you have to do to find problems with your frameless shower door is to inspect it. During these inspections, you need to turn on the water in your shower. By doing this, you can see if leaks are present and exactly where they are coming from. Often times, the leaks a frameless shower door has will be located around the seals. 

Over time, the seals in your frameless shower door will start to bend and warp. This means they will have a hard time keeping water in your shower. Ignoring this problem can result in a lot of water damage occurring. Trying to replace or repair these seals is a very complicated job. This is why hiring professionals to diagnose and fix your seal issues is imperative. 

The Shower Door is Dragging

The door on your frameless shower door should operate smoothly. However, there may come a time you notice the door is dragging. If your shower door is not properly aligned, this problem will start to occur. In some cases, the clamps that hold the door on will have to be moved to remove this problem. 

The first thing you need to check when faced with a dragging shower door is debris tracking. If there is an obstruction in the track, it will prohibit your door from working properly. However, if the track is fine, you need to hire professionals to adjust the door. 

Fixing Scratches is Vital

As you inspect your frameless shower door, you also need to see if any scratches are present. Over the years, you will probably start to notice more and more scratches. A glass repair professional can fill and buff these scratches. 

In most cases, DIY attempts at repairing this problem will result in more damage being done. The money paid to professionals for their help will be worth it considering how quickly they can get your frameless shower door back in good working order. 

Need a New Frameless Shower Door?

If your frameless shower door has seen better days, it may be time to replace it. Contact IDEAL Shower Doors to find out more about the frameless shower door installation services we offer.

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