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Standard Clear Glass or IDEAL Crystal Clear? Comparing Shower Door Materials for Durability and Style

Are you in the process of remodeling your bathroom? If so, you’ll need to make several design choices, including the type of glass you’ll use for your shower door and enclosure. 

There are some shower options, each of which can provide something different regarding pros and cons. These days, both standard glass shower doors and IDEAL Crystal Clear  glass are popular options. Both are durable, low maintenance, and can instantly elevate the look and feel of your shower. The type of material that’s right for your bathroom can depend on a number of factors, including the existing decor in your bathroom, the size of the space, the shower layout, and your budget.

Comparing Glass Types for Shower Doors: Durability and Style

When choosing between traditional glass and IDEAL Crystal Clear  glass for your shower doors, it’s essential to consider the unique characteristics of each material. Standard clear glass, offered by IDEAL Shower Doors, is known for its time-tested durability and classic appearance, making it an excellent choice for various bathroom styles. However, IDEAL Crystal Clear  glass is the way to go if you want something with higher clarity and brightness. 

This type of glass, also available through IDEAL, is made with lower iron content, reducing the greenish tint often seen in standard clear glass and allowing for a more transparent, more accurate representation of colors. This makes it ideal for bathrooms where true color representation and a more ‘invisible’ look are desired. Both options are low maintenance, but the decision ultimately comes down to your preference, the style you want to achieve, and how you want the glass to interact with your bathroom’s lighting and color scheme. With IDEAL Shower Doors, you can choose the perfect material that aligns with your vision for a stylish, durable, inviting bathroom space.

Pros and Cons of Each: Standard Clear Glass or IDEAL Crystal Clear 

When selecting the ideal shower door material, understanding the pros and cons of both standard glass and IDEAL Crystal Clear  is crucial. IDEAL Shower Doors offers both options with unique benefits and considerations.

Standard Clear Glass:


  • Durability: Standard glass is known for its robustness, capable of withstanding daily use without easily cracking or chipping.
  • Classic Aesthetic: It offers a timeless look that complements a wide range of bathroom designs.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally more affordable than low iron glass, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Easy Maintenance: Resists smudging and is easy to clean, maintaining clarity over time.


  • Color Distortion: Due to its natural iron content, standard glass can have a slight greenish tint, affecting the true color perception inside the shower.
  • Heavier Look: This can appear thicker and more noticeable, which might not align with minimalist or ultra-modern bathroom designs.

IDEAL Crystal Clear Glass:


  • Durability: IDEAL Crystal Clear is just as durable as our Standard Clear glass.
  • Enhanced Clarity: This glass type offers exceptional transparency with reduced iron content, providing a crystal-clear view without the greenish tint.
  • Color Accuracy: Ideal for accurately displaying tile work and the true colors of the bathroom interior.
  • Modern Appeal: It’s clear nature aligns well with contemporary bathroom aesthetics, creating a sleek and open feel.
  • Light Enhancement: Maximizes natural and artificial light, making your bathroom appear brighter and more spacious.


  • Higher Cost: Typically more expensive than standard glass due to the manufacturing process of reducing iron content.

Choosing between standard glass and IDEAL Crystal Clear  depends on your specific needs, budget, and design preferences. Both materials offered by IDEAL Shower Doors are top-quality, ensuring that whichever you choose, your bathroom will be enhanced both in style and functionality.

Choosing the Right Shower Glass for Your Project

Selecting the appropriate shower glass is a pivotal decision that dramatically influences the ambiance and functionality of your bathroom. When considering your options, it’s important to evaluate the aesthetic appeal and how the glass will harmonize with your bathroom’s existing design and lighting elements.

IDEAL Shower Doors offers two distinct options: standard glass and IDEAL Crystal Clear glass , each catering to different design preferences and styles. Standard glass, known for its durability and classic appeal, is a cost-effective choice that aligns well with traditional and rustic bathroom themes despite its subtle greenish tint. Alternatively, IDEAL Crystal Clear glass stands out for its exceptional clarity and color accuracy, enhancing natural and artificial lighting in your bathroom, making it a superb choice for modern, airy, and luminous bathroom designs.

The decision between standard and IDEAL Crystal Clear glass should reflect your vision for the bathroom, considering factors like daily use, maintenance requirements, and the desired atmosphere. Whether creating a comforting, familiar space or aiming for a modern, spa-like ambiance, the type of glass you choose plays a crucial role. Beyond aesthetics, consider the long-term value each glass type can add to your home. 

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