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The Advantages of Custom Shower Doors over a Big Box Store Kit

The ability to customize certain elements in the home allows you to create a space that’s specifically designed with your needs in mind, and it’s no different when it comes to creating a unique and highly functional bathroom space. A custom-made frameless shower door and enclosure can be tailored to fit the needs of you and your family, which is especially important for high-traffic bathrooms. Purchasing a big box store frameless shower door can end up costing you more in the long run. A poorly designed cookie-cutter shower door may not seal properly, may take up too much space, and may not work well with your unique shower’s layout. As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing a custom frameless shower door over a typical shower door kit. Custom shower doors tend to look more stylish and sophisticated while a store kit shower door can be complicated to install and won’t offer the durability and longevity that a custom-made shower door does.

With a custom shower door, you can choose a style that’s not only functional, but fits with the style and design of your bathroom. A frameless glass shower door features a sleek, minimalistic style that can work with any existing bathroom decor and design. Big box store kits are not measured specifically for your unique shower space, which means you may run into issues if the door is too wide or too heavy. With a custom shower door, glass contractors can assess your bathroom, including the walls, to determine what type of door will work well with your bathroom’s layout, while adding the functionality and style you’re looking for.

What Is a Custom Shower Door?

Choosing a custom frameless shower door is a good option if you’re looking for a door that works for your specific bathroom space, especially if you have a smaller space or older shower. With a custom shower door, not only can you choose the style of door and entry type, but you can also choose the type of glass used, the hardware, and the finish. With a custom door, a glass contractor can design a glass shower door that adds more functionality to bathrooms that have limited floor space. Shower door kits sold in hardware stores only offer a few style options and sizes.

What Is a Shower Door Kit?

Shower door kits are mass-produced and include everything you’ll need to install a new shower door. However, prefab shower doors are often only available in a few size and style options, which can be very limiting if you don’t have much space to work with and want a door that’s optimized for your unique bathroom. Most prefabricated shower units are made out of thermoformed acrylic, plastic, and glass. Because prefabricated shower units are not custom-made for a specific bathroom and are available in only standard widths and sizes, you can run the risk of purchasing a model that will not be completely watertight. This can result in water damage to your bathroom floor and walls.

Advantages of a Custom Door vs. a Kit

Unlike what you’ll get with a prefab shower door, a custom shower glass door is designed to work with your bathroom’s layout in mind. When you hire the team at IDEAL Shower Doors, we will take accurate measurements of your shower and bathroom to ensure we create a glass shower enclosure that meets your needs and works specifically for your bathroom. At IDEAL Shower Doors, our custom shower glass doors will be tailored to your bathroom, ensuring a shower enclosure that fits perfectly, offering a watertight seal. A custom glass shower enclosure can even work well with walls that are out of plumb. If your bathroom has walls that are out of plumb and you purchase a prefabricated shower stall or standard shower door, you’ll be faced with costly renovations to fix the issue.

Superior Quality

While prefab shower doors look generic and are only available in standard sizes, custom frameless doors are elegant, sleek, and designed to last. At IDEAL Shower Doors, we use only the highest quality glass and hardware, to create custom shower enclosures that will exceed your expectations and add functionality and value to your home.

Match the Size of Your Shower

The team at IDEAL Shower Doors will take measurements of your bathroom and shower to ensure we create a custom shower enclosure that fits your bathroom perfectly. Whether you have a cramped, enclosed bathroom that’s limited on space, or a large bathroom that can accommodate a walk-in enclosure, we can create the type of shower door that’s modern, sleek, and meets your needs.

Personalized Design Input

A custom frameless shower isn’t a one-size-fits-all door. Unlike prefabricated shower doors, custom shower doors are designed for your bathroom and will be unique to your home. At IDEAL Shower Doors, you can choose the door type, shape, glass, and hardware. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we create a glass shower door that meets your guidelines, budget, and needs.

Professional Installation Help

Installing a prefab door can be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming, especially if the door needs to be modified to fit your shower. At IDEAL Shower Doors, our contractors have extensive experience handling complex shower installations and will handle every aspect of the process, giving you peace of mind while creating the beautiful, modern bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

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At IDEAL Shower Doors, we can create a unique shower door that will last year after year. Our doors are designed with your specific needs in mind, adding elegance, class, and style that will increase the value of your home and create the beautiful spa-like environment you’ve always dreamed of. Contact IDEAL Shower Doors today to learn more.

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