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Arched insulated thermopane unit was broken

We can repair almost any broken window, regardless of the shape. See the arched insulated unit below!

We took this glass out in the morning, used it as a template to create a new sealed unit, and had the new one reinstalled later on the same day.

Job completed in Middleton.

Here is a photo of the repair after completion. As you can see, the arched insulated unit is no longer broken.

At our glass shop located in Danvers, we have all of the equipment, tools, and the skill set to create custom shaped thermopane units faster and more efficiently than those who need to send out for this type of work.  In this case we were able to construct this new arched insulated thermopane unit in a couple hours, and have it reinstalled the same day we took it out.

The ability to do this ends up saving our customers time and labor by not having to have installers out to their home on several different days, and also saves money on needing to board up the opening.

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