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Five Great Types of Custom Mirrors

When you work with a premier shower glass company such as IDEAL, you can get all sorts of elegant and sophisticated furnishings for a high-end property.

One of our most popular items is our line of customized mirror designs. By accentuating the glass with various kinds of ornamental designs and accessories, we help to create those interior installations that provide the right look and feel for a given indoor space.

Oval Mirrors

A nice oval mirror can create a great contrast with angled walls and other sharp contours. These are often popular above vanities, or even in hallways or elsewhere in a building. Matching color and style, as well as size, is important.

Standing Mirrors

Another interesting option is to place a standing mirror in the corner of a room. One of the benefits here is that a floor-standing mirror with a versatile frame can be angled in various ways to help assess the fit of a piece of clothing, monitor a hallway or help someone to put on makeup.

Antique Mirrors

Here’s where aesthetic design makes a big difference. By getting a mirror with an ornate antique frame, and matching that to your own interior style, you can really improve the look of a property that has a historic or traditional design theme.

Mirrored Walls

Sometimes you want a larger mirrored space to make an interior room look bigger. Wall mirrors are a great way to do that, and they don’t require as much work as some other types of installations.

Matching Modern Vanities

For this last category of mirror, it’s important to match the designs around it. Modern vanities of specific dimensions and builds have to be complemented by a certain size and shape of mirror, with the right kind of decorative frame.

What all of these types of mirrors systems have in common is that they help you to customize a building the right way. Professional interior designers love these ideas, because they’re so innovative and versatile. We do, too. We offer all sorts of glass installations for your home or business property, with an eye toward quality and superior design, as well as great customer service. We are here to help you to get the most that you can out of your property!

Contact us for more on how to customize your property. Choose from a wide assortment of accessories with great convenient fulfillment and delivery, to make your projects easier to implement. We love talking mirrors and glass!

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