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Three Types of Glass Work

At IDEAL Shower Doors, we have years of experience helping residential and commercial property owners to fix their window problems and improve unsightly exteriors. Through careful research and dedication to quality installations, we have built a community of happy customers, and we continue to offer our services in the Danvers area.

Here are some of the jobs that we often go out on to apply our expertise and dedication to customer service. We like to show off our track record because we feel it demonstrates not only our commitment to quality, but years of working well with our clients to build long-term relationships.

Broken Windows

Let’s face it – windows get broken. Someone is playing a ball game too close to a house, or a storm comes through and knocks a tree branch into a bay window…yikes!

We’ve been there more times than we can count, and we can use the right tools and approaches to take that broken glass and make it a smooth, solid pane again. Some companies will recommend replacing an entire frame, which is often unnecessary and a lot more expensive than fixing the pane itself. Ask us about estimates for broken windows to see whether you can get significant savings to keep your property looking good and conserve energy inside the building. For that matter, we can also consult on your energy footprint and how new windows can help.

Fogged Up Windows

One annoying problem that homeowners have is when their windows tend to fog up and get clouded, especially when they’re using double-pane glass.

Fogged windows happen for a number of reasons, including changes in temperature and humidity. We can take the easiest path to getting you clean, clear windows that you can look out of and see the surrounding scenery, without clouds of fog getting in the way.

Helping with Sad Exteriors

When you look at our impressive project gallery, one thing you’re going to see is how we come to blighted and decaying neighborhoods to fix exteriors that are looking pretty shabby.

A lot of cosmetic and restorative glass work has to do with foreclosures, abandonment of commercial property, or lack of maintenance over time. You’ll see boarded-up or even bricked up windows, or exterior siding or other materials falling apart and having an impact on the overall façade.

We have the skills to tackle these projects and create a stunning visual result. See us at our web site and take a look at everything that we offer for showers, window glass, commercial spaces and more.

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