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Custom Mirrors From IDEAL Shower Doors

Why get custom mirrors for your home or investment property?

It might seem like either a small detail, or something that’s unnecessary in your design process – but our customers who have gotten custom mirrors created for their bathrooms, kitchens and other home spaces have been very pleased with the results.

Here are some ways that we can help you to customize your living areas and improve property values.

Antique and Vintage Mirrors

Not everybody wants that sleek modern look.

In fact, in many cases, modern starts to look … generic. You’ve heard the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to,” and that applies to a lot of things, including custom glassworks. You may get more out of a traditional handcrafted wooden ornate mirror frame then you would out of a new titanium frame. Have you seen some of the designs that are out there?

We help our clients to source and install the antique mirrors that give their spaces new life.

Careful Sizing

Too often, interior designers and property owners use of path of least resistance and install whatever mirrors are handy for vanities or other installations.

When you do that, you can end up with discrepancies of several inches or more. So what’s the problem?

Well, first, if you don’t install absolutely correctly and evenly, it ends up looking really poor. You spent all of this money renovating a new bathroom, and the mirror looks off-kilter. Again, if it seems like a small detail, consider how the visual impression of a newly renovated property leads to valuation. You could be depressing your property value by a thousand dollars or more in terms of buyer impressions, because of an errant design mistake.

Our custom mirror installation provides that precise sizing and shape that makes your spaces look great.

Matching Veneers and Vanities

It’s not just the and sizing of mirrors that has to be correct – style matters, too. Suppose you have an ornate tile backsplash or a modern looking vanity, and the mirror frame doesn’t match. Again, you have a design problem that affects the visual impression you’re trying to make.

Then there’s installation – with inferior install methods, you can end up with things like annoying partial gaps between wall and mirror surfaces, or mirrors falling off of walls, or other inconveniences.

Talk to IDEAL Shower Doors about custom mirrors and how we help customers to install them the right way. In Winchester, MA, we are the best around! Ask us about what you need for a custom home or business project.

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