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Process of having a custom frameless shower installed explained in detail

Many people wonder exactly how the process of getting a frameless or custom shower door installed works. This post will walk you through each step along with some technical information that goes into the fabrication.

Determining the configuration

The first step is working with a professional to figure out the configuration of the glass and hardware. There are many variables that come into play here. You’ll need to figure out if you want a swinging door or a sliding door, and if you have enough room for that option.

For a sliding door you’d normally want to have about a 48″ area to work with. After the overlap on the glass doors, you can expect an egress of about 22″.

For a swinging door you want to make sure that during the operation of the door, it isn’t going to hit a vanity, toilet, baseboard heater, towel bar, or anything else.

shower door configuration rendering
an example of a shower door configuration rendering

Getting a quote

Once you have your door type and configuration, the next step of the process is to figure out how much you are going to be paying.

The variables in pricing are going to be heavily dependant on the configuration, the number of glass panels, the overall square footage, and the hardware finish.

We will be able to accurately give you a complete price breakdown. You will receive an estimate from us laying out the material cost, labor cost, state sales tax, and the complete grand total.


For a frameless shower door there are a couple of options on the glass type. The pricing for each of these options is based off of square footage.

Starphire glass by PPG (also referred to as low iron, ultra clear, or opti-white) is the glass that will have no green tint when looking through it.

ShowerGuard is a glass type produced by Guardian. It is a surface protection that is applied to the glass during the manufacturing process, and then baked into the surface during the fabrication process.

With both of these options it’s a “now or never” approach. Neither of these options can be added after the glass is fabricated, they need to be decided prior to ordering.

the photo above shows a frameless door & panel with low-iron glass, a 6″ ladder pull handle, and clips (instead of channel) on the stationary inline panel


Once you are comfortable with your pricing we will send an expertly trained estimator to meet you or your contractor at your home. They will take accurate measurements of your entire opening, including. Wall outages will also be taken into account and the glass cut accordingly.

Please take special note that we cannot measure for the glass until all of the stone is installed. Frameless showers are very unforgiving and even the varying thickness of thinset that goes behind the tiles is able to throw off any precise measurements.

Measuring tape

Lead times and scheduling

After the measuring is complete and the order is placed, it takes about 2-3 weeks from this point until your installation date. We will contact you with some options on days or times that will work best with your schedule.


The final step in the process is installation. The day of your install we will come out with all the necessary glass and hardware. Though it depends on the complexity and number of panels involved with your shower, the average installation time ranges from 2-4 hours.

frameless shower installation procedure

Cleaning and after care

The best way to keep your frameless shower looking as beautiful as the day it is installed is to use a squeegee on the glass after each shower. The squeegee is like a magic wand when it comes to preserving that pristine clear glass look.

Squeegee for after care

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