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Keeping your frameless shower door looking clean and new

We all wish there was a way to keep the glass on your shower door looking as clean as it did the day it was installed. This page will go through some options and some tips available to those frameless shower door owners out there.

Guardian ShowerGuard surface protection

The first layer of defense against water stains and mineral buildup is to consider using ShowerGuard glass. This is an option available to those who are still preparing to order their shower door.

ShowerGuard is a product that is applied to the glass during the manufacturing process. The glass is then cut and fabricated, then finally run through the tempering furnace. The tempering process is actually what bakes the coating into the glass, providing you with a stain resistant surface on the inside of your shower.

This product will end up adding a bit to the overall cost of your installation. However if the longevity of your shower door is in your interest, it’s worth it to at least consider. IDEAL Shower Doors in Danvers is a registered dealer for Guardian ShowerGuard and we are always happy to discuss the product with you.

Click here to read more about Guardian ShowerGuard

showerguard by guardian
IDEAL Shower Doors located in Danvers, MA is a registered dealer for Guardian Showerguard surface protection

Third-party spray on surface protection

There are also several aftermarket products that can be applied to the shower door.  To name a couple are EnduroShield and Rain-X shower door water repellent.

These products can be purchased in most hardware stores and are applied after the glass has been fabricated. They are not baked in like the ShowerGuard is, so they would need to be reapplied every couple of months.

Squeegee the glass

Whether you decide to have the surface protection on your glass or not, one of the easiest ways to keep your glass looking beautiful is to squeegee it after each shower.

By doing this, you are removing the majority of the water which has both the minerals and soap absorbed into it. By not allowing the water to dry on the glass, you are reducing the ability for any build up to occur. We refer to the squeegee as the “magic wand” of shower doors.

shower door squeegee
shower squeegee

Foam based glass cleaners

When washing your shower door you want to be sure to use a strong enough glass cleaner to clean the glass, but not too strong where it will erode the sealant.

Our go-to brand of glass cleaner is Sprayway’s glass cleaner; which is foam based, and ammonia free. It can be purchased at almost any hardware store.

CRL Bio-Clean water stain remover

Bio-clean is a professional grade surface cleaner which is made to remove water stains attributed to minerals, calcium build up, soap scum, oxidation, rust, and mildew.

This product is meant to remove stage 1 corrosion where there is only deposits on the surface of the glass. If those deposits are left for too long they will eventually break down the molecular structure of the glass and leave a haze or etching on the glass, this is known as stage 2. There is no way to repair the glass to being it back to clear at that point.

crl bioclean water stain remover
bottle of CRL bio-clean

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