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Top 5 Things to Do in Peabody, MA This Weekend

Peabody, MA isn’t one of the most touristy destinations on the map, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard a visit if you’re touring the country or visiting from overseas and happen to find yourself in the area.

It’s a quiet town full of history and loaded with family-friendly activities and places to visit. Peabody is just 15-miles northeast of Boston and 18-miles west-southwest of Gloucester.

First starting as a small farming community as part of Salem, the rivers and streams running through the area made Peabody an attractive location for mills. The site soon became a big player in the New England leather industry and continued to do so until well into the twentieth century.

Brooksby Farm

Brooksby Farm is a popular location for tourists and locals where you can gain some first-hand knowledge about how food is produced. The farm provides fresh fruits and vegetables but is most famous for its apple orchards. As you experience the farm, you will learn a lot about conservation, and agriculture and kids will enjoy getting up close to a variety of barnyard animals. Plus, you’ll be able to get your teeth into the juiciest, and freshest apples picked straight from the trees.

The leather industry has since moved on, but Peabody continued to prosper through diversification. So, if you’re a history buff, or you’re looking for a quiet location to enjoy some quality time with your kids, here are just a few things you can do in Peabody, MA this weekend.

The Salem Witch Museum

If you don’t mind learning about one of humanity’s less proud moment’s, then the Salem Witch Museum will provide an enlightening educational experience. It’s a museum dedicated to the 1692 witch trials, a period of history that only went on for about 13 months, but its infamy is remembered around the world.
The museum doesn’t hold back any details about this gruesome period, so it’s not suitable for younger children.

Scouting Woods Disc Golf Course

If you’re a fan of Frisbee and golf (or even if you’re not) then what better way to spend an afternoon than at the Scouting woods Disc Golf Course. While you make your way around the 12-acre course, you will be challenged by the hilly terrain, and rocky outcrops while enjoying the shade of the majestic locust trees.

Peabody Recreation, Parks, and Forestry Department

You will find a ton of variety at the Forestry Department, with the activities on offer changing with the seasons. There are photography sessions, walks, basketball, yoga, fencing, hayrides, archery, and snowboarding, to name just a few. There are tons of supervised activities for the kids to enjoy, and plenty for the parents as well.

Independence Greenway Bike Route

Get on your bike and explore 8-miles of the beautiful scenery at the Independence Greenway Bike Route in western Peabody. As you roll along you will pass a wide variety of scenic locations including wetlands, and ponds, which are home to beautiful herons and graceful swans, as well as other wildlife.

IDEAL Shower Doors has been proudly providing Peabody, MA and surrounding area with frameless shower door and glass services for many years and wanted to share a few of the more interesting activities and locations of the area. The above are just a taste of the family fun you can enjoy when you decide to explore Peabody in a little more depth. It’s a small city, but it’s got a ton of fun to offer visitors and residents alike.

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