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Introducing IDEAL Crystal Clear Shower Glass With No Green Tint

IDEAL Crystal Clear shower glass contains less than 10% of the iron found in regular glass, which means, no green tint. This glass is capable of transmitting 91% of light, whereas traditional shower glass is only able to transmit 83%. IDEAL Crystal Clear glass eliminates the greenish tint, allowing light to pass through at a higher percentage, creating a bathroom that looks brighter and more spacious. 

Low iron glass by IDEAL, is a high-quality type of glass that offers a higher-than-average light transmittance. Shower glass with the ability to transmit more light will create a brighter and more spacious bathroom.

Picking the Right Shower Door Glass 

Before you decide on the type of glass to use for your new glass enclosure, you should learn about the differences between low iron glass and standard shower glass. While both types are transparent, each type has unique characteristics. These differences are due to the way each type of glass is manufactured.

Regular Clear vs. Low-Iron Shower Glass 

Standard shower glass is what most people think of when they think of transparent glass. However, this type of glass commonly has a slight green tint to it. This green tint is due to the iron oxide content. All glass is created by heating three ingredients:

  • Soda ash
  • Sand
  • Limestone

The standard glass will have a green tint since iron oxide naturally exists in sand.

Keep in mind that the thicker the glass, the more prominent the green tint will be. Additionally, the green tint does impact the level of light that streams through the glass. Because of this, standard shower glass isn’t the clearest.

Crystal Clear glass, by IDEAL, is a type of low iron glass that contains less iron oxide. To manufacture Crystal Clear glass, soda ash, and limestone are still heated, but low-iron silica sand replaces the sand commonly used to create standard glass.

It’s not possible to create glass that doesn’t contain some level of iron oxide, since the iron content provides some of the structural strength. However, the lower iron content in Crystal Clear glass works to significantly reduce the green tint.

Regular Clear Glass

Regular clear glass that is commonly used in showers transmits 83% of light, but due to its higher iron content, it doesn’t transmit as much light as the Crystal Clear glass offered by IDEAL. The higher level of iron oxide produces a green tint, becoming more obvious the thicker the glass is. Many glass contractors will commonly recommend low iron glass for custom glass shower enclosures, especially if the bathroom feels cramped and enclosed. Increasing the amount of light that’s able to enter the space can create the illusion of a much larger bathroom.

Tint-Free, Low-Iron Shower Glass

Natural glass can be appropriate for many projects, especially if you want additional privacy in the bathroom. 

At IDEAL, we carry all types of glass, to provide more privacy for your unique shower space. However, if you want to avoid dark tints, upgrading from standard glass to ultra-clear glass can make your bathroom appear more spacious and brighter. 

Low iron glass, which is tint-free, is a better choice for shower doors and enclosures since more light can transmit through the glass and flow throughout the space. This results in a brighter, more inviting bathroom.

By reducing the iron content in glass, there is a significant increase in light transmittance. Using the clearest piece of glass offered by IDEAL, your frameless enclosure, and frameless shower door can instantly transform the look and feel of your bathroom. 

The Visible Difference of IDEAL Crystal Clear Shower Glass 

Choosing Crystal Clear glass for your new frameless shower glass door and enclosure comes with many benefits, including a brighter, more open bathroom space.

Ultra-clear glass is what provides that elegant, luxurious, spa-like atmosphere. The quality of the glass and improved transparency are immediately evident, as is its ability to transmit a significantly higher level of light. With the reduction of the green tint, and superior clarity, this low iron glass offers an extra layer of elegance to your custom shower door and enclosure and a level of luxury that standard shower glass just can’t compete with.

Contact an IDEAL Shower Glass Door Provider Today! 

At IDEAL Shower Doors, we offer a wide range of custom shower enclosure and shower door options. Using the clearest glass, your bathroom is instantly transformed into the spa-like environment you’ve always wanted. 

Crystal Clear glass offers that extra level of elegance and quality that many homeowners are looking for when choosing a new shower door and enclosure for their outdated bathroom.

If you’re ready to create a luxurious, contemporary shower enclosure for your bathroom, contact an IDEAL Shower Doors provider today to learn how we can help you transform your bathroom at a price you can afford.

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