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Must-Know Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Doors the Right Way

Most homeowners choose glass shower enclosures as an affordable way to update their bathroom. Frameless glass shower doors and enclosures offer a sophisticated, modern look, however, the glass can be prone to mineral deposits and soap scum buildup. If you own a frameless glass shower door and enclosure, or you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom and have a door or enclosure installed, you should know how to properly clean and maintain it, to keep it looking new year after year.

You don’t have to use heavy-duty commercial cleaning products to keep your shower clean. Using natural cleaning products can be a great and safe way to keep your shower glass clean and looking new.

You may have many of these natural products around your home already. Using them regularly can be an affordable and effective way to maintain your shower and prevent mineral deposits and soap scum from forming.

Establishing a Glass Shower Door Cleaning Routine 

Establishing a cleaning routine for your shower door is the best way to keep it clean while preventing grime and mineral deposits.

Wiping down your new shower glass daily can also prevent bacteria from growing. Ideally, the shower should be wiped down after each use, to remove streaks, soap residue, and water spots. Another way to prevent bacteria and mildew is to leave the shower door open after each use, to allow the shower to thoroughly dry out.

Every few days you can use natural shower cleaners or homemade solutions to thoroughly clean the glass door.

1. Squeegee Every Day

It can be impossible to prevent hard water stains from forming on your glass shower, however, you can significantly reduce the risk of soap scum developing if you avoid allowing water drops to dry on the surface of the glass. Use a squeegee and scrape down the shower door glass daily to keep the shower doors clean. For tougher spots, you can use a natural cleaning product with the shower squeegee.

2. The Power of a Magic Eraser 

Magic Erasers can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass. To use a Magic Eraser to clean your shower door, first, moisten the sponge with water. To activate the sponge, squeeze it. Take the damp sponge and rub it on the glass, going from top to bottom until the surface of the glass is spotless.

3. Getting Rid of Water Stains

Hard water stains can be difficult to remove. The best way to get rid of mineral buildup is to avoid harsh chemicals and use a natural bathroom cleaner that consists of a combination of water and Dawn liquid soap or your favorite dish soap. 

Use a bucket and add two cups of warm water and one tablespoon of dish soap. Mix the DIY cleaning solution well. Take a soft microfiber towel or a non-abrasive sponge and dip it into the solution. Wipe down the entire glass surface. Allow the solution to sit for three minutes. For tough stains, you can use a squeegee to scrape any tough grime off the surface. Rinse the glass with water and use the squeegee to get rid of any remaining droplets of water.

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By establishing a cleaning routine, and using the right products, techniques, and tools, you can keep your frameless glass shower door looking new year after year.

If you’re ready to upgrade your outdated shower door, it’s time to invest in a frameless shower glass door that’s designed to last. Contact an IDEAL shower glass door provider today to learn more.

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