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Why Frameless Shower Doors Are a Must for Modern Bathrooms

A shower enclosure is the heart of a bathroom. Not only is the shower where family members spend a significant amount of time, but a shower often takes up the most space in a bathroom. Because of this, it’s important to choose a shower that’s functional and unique, so you can showcase your style, while improving aesthetic appeal and make your bathroom more functional.

Frameless glass shower doors offer more benefits compared to outdated framed shower enclosures. At IDEAL Shower Doors, our glass experts can work with you to help you design your dream bathroom, one that meets your needs and works with your budget.

For a flawless and contemporary design, frameless glass shower doors and enclosures are the best choice for many reasons. While traditional shower doors require a large metal frame that could break or rust, frameless shower doors offer a minimalist design and a stylish look that will instantly update your bathroom, adding value to your home.

Fabulous Design Possibilities

When you purchase a frameless shower door at a local home improvement store, you’ll find the selection very limiting, in terms of style, hardware options, and the type of glass you can choose. By having a shower door and enclosure custom made by a team of glass experts, you’ll have a say in every aspect of the design process.

Frameless shower doors are made out of thick tempered glass and are highly customizable, especially when compared to traditional framed doors. When you choose a frameless shower door, you can select the hardware, door type, glass type, and more. With a glass shower door, you can create a unique shower space that shows off your style, for a spa-like bathroom that’s aesthetically appealing and highly functional.

A More Open Bathroom Feel

If you have a dark or cramped feeling bathroom, it can make a bathroom less functional for grooming needs and can leave the bathroom feeling enclosed and outdated.

With no metal frame blocking natural light, a frameless glass door can create the illusion of a much larger bathroom, while allowing natural light to flood every inch of the space. 

Show Off Your Overall Bathroom Design

Investing in intricate tile in your bathroom can cost a pretty penny, but it also allows you to create a unique bathroom space that showcases your style. However, if you have a traditional framed shower enclosure, your tile work may be hidden from view.

If you have beautiful shower tile and high-quality hardware, such as a rainfall shower head, a frameless shower door and enclosure will allow you to showcase your tile work and hardware, creating a unique and stunning focal point in your bathroom. By showcasing shower tile, you can give your bathroom a consistent feel throughout, allowing your new shower enclosure to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your bathroom’s decor.

Fairly Easy to Clean and Maintain

A traditional framed shower door and enclosure requires extensive upkeep, due to a bulky frame and track where mold, mildew, and bacteria can be found. Because a frameless glass shower door and enclosure lacks a frame, you’ll only have to spend a few minutes a day wiping down the glass and deep cleaning the enclosure once a month. No longer will you have to spend an afternoon scrubbing out a shower enclosure and frame. The frameless door’s ease of maintenance is just another reason why this type of enclosure is so popular among homeowners and homebuyers.

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Installing frameless glass doors is one of the best ways to remodel a bathroom for homeowners who are on a tight budget and want to modernize their bathroom without breaking the bank.

The frameless shower doors and enclosures by IDEAL Shower Doors are the leading choice among homeowners. Our frameless enclosures and doors can create an open and light feel that will allow you to make the most out of the available space in your bathroom, adding both style and functionality. To learn more about our custom frameless shower doors and enclosures, contact an IDEAL Shower Door provider today.

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